Steps To Finding A Business Coach

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How do you find a good business coach? When you need to find a business coach, you should make sure that you do understand the process that you must follow when thinking about getting it right. However, with a guide, you will always understand the facts that you would get whenever you are planning to sure that you have these facts right. Here is a guide on the five steps to finding a business coach:

1. Hire an experienced business coach

When you hire an experienced business coach, you will certain that they will have the needed expertise that will enable them get these facts whenever you are seeking services you would need within a given market. Those people who have hired the services have always been getting the services that you would need whenever you are looking for the business coaching services you would need when growing your business.

2. Choose a coach who understand what you do

A good business coach should believe in what you do, have your strength, ability, as well as determination by making sure you understand your goals. They should also help you understand the steps to follow by agreeing upon your commitments. Through the process, you will be sure that you grow your business experience and skills faster and easily when operating within the market. You will understand the ideas you need when growing your business easily.

3. Must be goal oriented to your success

The ability to get results is a crucial distinction that will determine whether you have a good coach or not. When you select a coach who have the expertise needed as well as other acquaintances, you will understand what will best fits your needs especially when making your decision to hire one. With the experience, you will be sure of growing your business effectively.

4. Should be able to Coach as Teacher

The process of coaching means teaching a person some fundamentals that would help them grow their businesses easily. Depending on what you would have, you will understand the facts that you would need especially when thinking about growing your business in an amazing way. Through this process, you will always be sure that you grow your business easily. With proper teachings, you will understand the secrets that will enable you improve your business performance within the market.

5. Should always be Intuitive Connection

Do not eliminate emotional component when dealing with coaching relationship. A good coach should have emotional touch to the business that is key when operating in the market. When you choose a good coach who have emotional feel about what you do, you will comfortable at the same time live at ease to enable you grow the business well into the market. You will definitely understand what to do when operating your business into the market. This will also increase the growth rate of the business into the market.

In conclusion, the above are the five steps to finding a business coach when you need to run a business successfully in the market.

Selecting the Right Business Coaching Course and Business Coach


Business coaching can be an essential element in the growth process of business, increasing profitability and harnessing the business potential. However, these are only achievable when you select the right kind of coaching that is budget effective, and that does not affect the normal functioning of that business. Before settling on a business-coaching course, you should first learn about the facilitators, their areas of expertise, educational qualification, their experience and the coaching they provide.

Although commercial coaching companies are accredited by organizations like ICF- International Coaching Federation, their business agendas are the ones that guide them. These agendas are mainly focused on increasing members for commercial purposes. Thus, you should not just rely on accreditation when selecting a business-coaching firm. Organizations that accredit this companies are blamed for the rise in the number of companies that do not follow the curriculum and are not accredited. The ICF has also received harsh criticism due to its recent call to include schools that they have accredited only in the list of coach training organizations that have been approved. With accreditation being made available to those who are willing to pay for the integrity of the association as well as the coaching professional.

The appropriate business coaching course has to be based on evidence wherein the content of that course can be easily verified depending on a process of industry and chemical research, methodical, use of updated systematic research conclusions and evaluation to support decisions made about the practice. Such courses are certainly better compared to commercial courses since this courses can be scientifically proven. Commercial courses are advertised mainly by coach training providers and coach associations that engage in a lot of marketing in uneducated marketplaces. As evidence-based coaching is becoming more accepted, the old approaches are slowly being replaced by newer more powerful, more efficacious, more accurate and safer ones. Evidence-based coaching is also more advantageous for professionals that coach since it allows them to be able to provide more accurate and effective assessments, better-informed programs and be able to select the coaching technology that is appropriate.

It is also very important to select the right business coach since majority of the success of a business-coaching course is attributed to the human factor. The right coach is the one who you are comfortable when around him/her, one you can trust and who you can build a partnership with. Before you settle for a coach always make sure that you learn about their coaching specialization, coaching experience, coaching process mainly the frequency and duration of the coaching, philosophy about coaching and his or her past coaching is always advised that you conduct as many personal interviews with as many coaches until you find the right one. Usually coaching professionals do not charge any fee for first introductory conversation since they are used to being interviewed.

During the interviews, it is recommended to find differences and similarities in the thought process of the coach and yours. Discuss your objectives, learn how the coach works, and talk about how you can handle future problems. Keep in mind that business training is like a partnership thus you have to agree on everything that may affect you or your business.

4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Business Coach


Have you considered how your business would fair if you had a dedicated business coach assisting you in making critical decisions? Majority of business owners work long hours, are constantly on the move, dealing with complicated issues- not to mention employees, and this can have compromise their ability to make the best informed choices.

This situation isn’t unique to any specific business or industry, rather it’s a wider issue, affecting majority of businesses worldwide, and is part of the reason why a staggering 80% of businesses fail within the first two years. The issue of hiring smart or educated people to run a business doesn’t entirely protect it from this peculiar statistic, and smart people too have been known to close businesses within this time frame.

So where do people go wrong? There is no single answer to this question, and in many cases the solution requires outside help; and specifically assistance from an individual or professionals who can examine the factors that may be negatively affecting performance.

A Business Coach

What makes a business coach so crucial in these economic times is the fact that they understand a business based on today’s reality, and are able to make critical observations and recommend changes that boost efficiency and promote consistent growth. A business coach is essentially a generalist, as opposed to a highly specialized professional- who are plenty among new businesses- and they focus not on a particular aspect of the business, but the business in its entirety.

When a new company starts to lose its initial growth momentum and sales start to decline, business owners need to make significant changes that take effect within a few weeks of implementation. Typical consultants are used to planning incremental results which take long to implement and generate the intended effect, in some cases costing millions to large corporations.

With a small business, a different approach is required and that’s where business coaching becomes an integral part of today’s small business. The rules that seem to govern small businesses are always changing, and it’s never clear who determines this evolution, but it’s clear that all business owners are left with more questions and uncertainties. A business coach comes in handy, forming quick strategies that can reshape the entire business to correspond with the needs of the market, thus ensuring long- term survival and continued growth.

Many of these strategies are implemented for the specific business, as opposed to general industry standards- as is often the case with larger organizations; and that means adapting a plan that’s best suited for your specific needs. When a new strategy is implemented, all existing resources are leveraged to get the best results, and this happens relatively fast, owing to the fact that it’s a small business.

Until a time when the business becomes a commercial success, stabilized and operating on proven strategies, the owner can’t afford to rest, and will invariably require outside support in making critical decisions. Larger companies have a board to manage those major issues but for a small business, much of the responsibly lies with the owner, laying undue pressure on the need to always be right. If you’re operating a small-medium business and are looking for additional support in managing or forming strategies, consider hiring a business coach.

A number of things to consider when hiring a Business Coach:

  • Are you entirely coachable? As the owner of an existing business you may be forced into a position of admitting inadequacy on your part as the boss and that doesn’t go well with everybody. However, if you want to see positive changes it may be necessary to adopt a more flexible outlook and be willing to take constructive criticism.
  • Is the business coach equipped with the right tools to make quick, effective changes? Aside from a personality match, find out if they have a plan for your business and the necessary tools to implement said plan.
  • Is the company environment right for coaching? Coaching normally works in an environment that is not overly political. If your company encourages development and betterment of individuals and policies, and doesn’t penalize achievement, then it should be fairly easy to incorporate new strategies.
  • How do you measure ROI? Ideally, your two metrics should be profitability and time spent working in your business. You need to make profits and time is a critical aspect for any business, and if you learn to leverage both for your benefit, your strategies will have a lasting impact.

Business coaching can have a great impact when all factors are considered. In order to rediscover the freedom and creativity that comes with successful business ownership, explore the benefits of coaching and find out what it could do for your business.

What is a Business Coach?


Running and maintaining a business can be a challenge for entrepreneurs who are new to the market. There are various risks involved as well as other factors which are likely to determine the success or failure of a business. Reckless entrepreneurs may fail to actualize their dream enterprise as a result of poor management and lack of adequate information on how to run their business. However, this should not be a problem anymore thanks to business coaches who are here to help.

What is a business coach?
A business coach is a professional expert who provides feedback, positive support and advice to entrepreneurs geared towards improving the overall performance of a business. Specialization is a key aspect that one should consider before hiring a business coach. Business coaches are known to specialize in various fields including marketing, staff development, and organizational development among others.

There are various individuals posing as business coaches worldwide making it almost difficult to choose the right business coach for you. Some of them do not actually deliver hence one needs to distinguish between experts and imposters. Professional business coaches are known to deliver positive results and are able to predict immediately the percentage increase your business is likely to achieve as a result of receiving their services. It is also important for them to deliver on the pledge hence they can provide 100% money guarantee assuring their clients of a refund in case their strategies do not get to work.

It is important to note that just because a business coach has undergone training in a coaching school does not guarantee that he or she is going to deliver. As much as we desire to hire certified professionals, it is at times important to select individuals with a proven track record. The best way to assess the efficiency of a business coach is by looking at their results.

The beauty of business coaching is the fact that individuals do not have to limit their options to professionals located within their geographical position. The internet provides the chance to engage in online coaching making it possible to source such services from outside countries and continents. Online coaching is considered to be among the best business coaching methods worldwide and is as effective as face to face coaching.

Online coaching provides clients with game plans among other tasks that they are required to accomplish within a specific period of time probably around seven to ten days. These sessions which are quite engaging usually take between 30 to 60 minutes. For this type of coaching to be more effective, entrepreneurs are advised to sign up for a 90-day coaching session until they get the intended results.
It is difficult to come up with the exact figure one should pay for business coaching as business experts are known to charge differently depending on their level of expertise among other factors. However, what is crystal clear is that clients have the choice of either investing in services charged annually or pay-per-session ones. The standard charges for business coaching services are valued at around $150 to $250 per session for regular business coaches and almost $400 for executive business coaches.

Business coaching is a must have for entrepreneurs and businesses that would like to grow in size, profit and sales. By identifying a good business coach, one is likely to change their lives and those of the people around them.