Selecting the Right Business Coaching Course and Business Coach


Business coaching can be an essential element in the growth process of business, increasing profitability and harnessing the business potential. However, these are only achievable when you select the right kind of coaching that is budget effective, and that does not affect the normal functioning of that business. Before settling on a business-coaching course, you should first learn about the facilitators, their areas of expertise, educational qualification, their experience and the coaching they provide.

Although commercial coaching companies are accredited by organizations like ICF- International Coaching Federation, their business agendas are the ones that guide them. These agendas are mainly focused on increasing members for commercial purposes. Thus, you should not just rely on accreditation when selecting a business-coaching firm. Organizations that accredit this companies are blamed for the rise in the number of companies that do not follow the curriculum and are not accredited. The ICF has also received harsh criticism due to its recent call to include schools that they have accredited only in the list of coach training organizations that have been approved. With accreditation being made available to those who are willing to pay for the integrity of the association as well as the coaching professional.

The appropriate business coaching course has to be based on evidence wherein the content of that course can be easily verified depending on a process of industry and chemical research, methodical, use of updated systematic research conclusions and evaluation to support decisions made about the practice. Such courses are certainly better compared to commercial courses since this courses can be scientifically proven. Commercial courses are advertised mainly by coach training providers and coach associations that engage in a lot of marketing in uneducated marketplaces. As evidence-based coaching is becoming more accepted, the old approaches are slowly being replaced by newer more powerful, more efficacious, more accurate and safer ones. Evidence-based coaching is also more advantageous for professionals that coach since it allows them to be able to provide more accurate and effective assessments, better-informed programs and be able to select the coaching technology that is appropriate.

It is also very important to select the right business coach since majority of the success of a business-coaching course is attributed to the human factor. The right coach is the one who you are comfortable when around him/her, one you can trust and who you can build a partnership with. Before you settle for a coach always make sure that you learn about their coaching specialization, coaching experience, coaching process mainly the frequency and duration of the coaching, philosophy about coaching and his or her past coaching is always advised that you conduct as many personal interviews with as many coaches until you find the right one. Usually coaching professionals do not charge any fee for first introductory conversation since they are used to being interviewed.

During the interviews, it is recommended to find differences and similarities in the thought process of the coach and yours. Discuss your objectives, learn how the coach works, and talk about how you can handle future problems. Keep in mind that business training is like a partnership thus you have to agree on everything that may affect you or your business.